What accessibility features is Picard requesting on macOS?

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I got an accessibility request from Picard 2.3 today. What is it using it for?

Accessibility features presumably :smiley:

No, in all seriousness: I have seen this myself, but I cannot exactly tell you when this is triggered. Qt, the UI library used by Picard, integrates with the accessibility features of the platform (for things like screen readers and such). But I don’t know enough about macOS’s accessibility API to tell you exactly what needs to happen to trigger macOS to ask about it.


I’ve been getting that regularly when I change the width of a particular column (and for some reason, this particular column keeps resetting to a ridiculous width when I relaunch Picard.

I know settings are sometimes not quite the way they were if you crash out of Picard, but I’m pretty sure that I’ve “fixed” and then “quit” properly too.

But since I’m the one who has all kinds of columns, I have not bothered bringing that up yet.

This only happens if I pick one column in particular, on the Album side.

~bitrate always starts out about 1000 pixels wide.

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I have gotten the same thing on windows and I also wonder why.

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