Weird edit


Anyone want to look at this edit before I cancel it?

Not sure if I’ve triggered some kinda bug.


What’s wrong with this event?


Apparently the difference is “ended” was set, whatever that’s supposed to mean in here:


@bsammon, yes please cancel this edit, it results from a bug. It is most probably due to the next “Add relationship” edit. Can you confirm you entered this edit from the event edit page? Do not hesitate to provide any other details you recall, either by replying to this post or by creating a bug report.


I did not enter this bug from the event edit page.

I have a pretty good idea what I did to cause this, and I know how to avoid it (or replicate it, on request) in the future.


Good to know! Please file a bug report using these ideas and reproduction steps. Thank you.


Well, I meant I could replicate it, not that you could replicate it.

I mean, you could, but setting up your computer to trigger the bug the way I did would probably be a >1 hour process, involving a compiler and maybe installing some libraries before compiling.

I think I’d have to simplify things a bit before I’m comfortable posting how-to-replicate instructions in a bug report.

Also, should I interpret your response to mean that you’re interested in looking at this?

I mean, it’s lower priority if I’m the only one who cares about it right now.


okay, done

I won’t be bothered if you close the bug as frivolous.