Web scrobbler for browser listening?

It would be really nice to be able to keep track of what music I’ve been listening to on webs services in my browser.

Some User Scripts exist for scrobbling to Last.fm:

But I would prefer to use listenbrainz. The latter two sites are most important to me, but ideally it would be nice if tracks could be scrobbled from youtube too (although I don’t know if there’s a way to tell if a video is a music video or not). Maybe also pandora, spotify web interface, and other services too.

Does anything like this already exist for Listenbrainz? If not, how hard would it be to implement?

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Also, I don’t think those scripts have worked for a few years, since Last.FM’s API went down (it’s back up now though?)

The Beta for ListenBrainz has basically just just been released, so it’s a bit early to have heaps of apps/programs/scripts out for it!

However @marc2k3 has been on fire with scripts for foobar2000 and spotify, so who knows, maybe soon??

I personally scrobble everything to Last.fm and then simply hit the import button on ListenBrainz to get it all over.
I use scroblr to track my web service listens, and simple last.fm scrobbler to scrobble from my phone - which actually has listenbrainz scrobbling support already!!

Hopefully everything catches up - perhaps you could write to the author/s of userscripts or apps you use and let them know you’re in the market for one with functionality to scrobble to ListenBrainz? Apart from writing something yourself that’s probably the most helpful thing you can do.


Scroblr looks cool. Unfortunately I’m on firefox, so no joy :frowning:

I also use simple last.fm scrobbler for phone music, but I only play music from my SDcard there, so I don’t get to keep track of web plays there…

Oh, I just found this, which will do for now: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/web-scrobbler/

Submitted a feature request for listenbrainz: https://github.com/david-sabata/web-scrobbler/issues/1394


If I were asking for “listen” client support, I’d certainly point out how much easier the Listenbrainz API is to work with over lastfm. There are no redirects to sign in/sessions or hashing of the request data. The user simply adds their client token which acts as their username and password and that’s it.