Watch files and live reload with Webpack @documentation

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Hi everyone,
Myself pragya, I am from India. This is my first exposure to open source and bookbrainz seemed to be perfect fit for me to start.
However while setting up the project locally using docker, i got stuck to
Watch files and live reload with Webpack part, i am not sure about what does “mounting the src/ folder” means.

please guide me for the same !

Welcome to MetaBrainz and open source @frappe28 !

You are right, the instructions are not very clear. By mounting the serc folder, what we mean is attach your local folder to the docker container.
This is done in the docker-compose.yml file here:
Here you already see how your local config file (config/config.json) is attached to the container, and the syntax: ‘local/folder/path:path/inside/docker/container’.

In your case, the line you need to add is:
- "./src:/home/bookbrainz/bookbrainz-site/src"

Let me know if that works for you and we can update the documentation.

Ah, actually I see that it’s pretty much described like that in the documentation, with an example just below.
I hadn’t seen it at first glance (and maybe that’s what happened to you), maybe it should be more prominent