Virtual Machine - slower than original server?

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Hey everybody,

first, thanks for the great work!

I have a question concerning the speed of accessing the virtual machines database from the host system. I just settet the VM up, started the replication and while running it, tried to retrieve some data via python-musicbrainzngs directly from the local machine. But I noticed the time is about the same compared to accessing the official server. How can that be the case? In both cases its about 1s per request. Is this normal? (I set up the VM to save some time for tagging of big junks of music, thought a local copy of the database could help here.) What do you think?

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

Best regards


python-musicbrainzngs by default respects the one request per second rate limit of You can change it with musicbrainzngs.set_rate_limit(limit_or_interval=1.0, new_requests=1), see the documentation at

I don’t know whether you have to configure anything in the VM for that.


You can also use musicbrainzngs.set_rate_limit(False) to disable the rate limit completely.


Thanks you both! Somehow must have skipped these functions int the python api. Now it is fast as hell :slight_smile: