Viewing tickets I'm watching in JIRA


I’m sure there’s a big button for this but I seem not to see the forest for the trees.

In JIRA (, how does only bring up a list of tickets one is watching?


AFAIK you’ll need to use the advanced query. With the advanced query watcher = currentUser() will show all issues watched by you (if you are logged in). Or use your actual user name.

E.g. if you are logged in this should show all tickets you are watching which are not Closed, Done or Cancelled:


When viewing your profile at, there’s a “Filters” dropdown in the top-right corner that has a few preconfigured filters:

The URL for the “Watched” tickets is and does not appear to be tied to a particular user.


There are also some funny homemade public ticket searches (that they call filters) that you can add to your favourites.

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