Video/YouTube tutorials

The MetaBrainz YouTube channel:

Kia ora! I have started creating a set of informal videos that answer very basic questions about MusicBrainz and MusicBrainz Picard (and could be expanded to cover anything MeB if wanted). They are anywhere from two minutes to 15 depending on the subject.

No script, no professionalism, just busting them out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
A bit of editing required and then I’ll start putting them up.

Any requests for common questions that I’ve missed?

MetaBrainz - How to install and use userscripts
MetaBrainz - How to report a bug or request a new feature in MetaBrainz
MusicBrainz - What is MusicBrainz?
MusicBrainz - How to create a user account on MusicBrainz
MusicBrainz - How to add a new artist to MusicBrainz
MusicBrainz - How to contribute to MusicBrainz (reports!)
MusicBrainz - How to merge duplicate artists in MusicBrainz
MusicBrainz - How to merge duplicate albums in MusicBrainz
MusicBrainz - How to quickly add album covers to MusicBrainz (script)
MusicBrainz - How to quickly add Bandcamp albums to MusicBrainz (script)
MusicBrainz - How to quickly add Discogs albums to MusicBrainz (script)
MusicBrainz - How to quickly add Spotify/Deezer/Apple albums to MusicBrainz (external tool)
MusicBrainz - How to remove information from MusicBrainz
MusicBrainz - Why isn’t my MusicBrainz edit/change applying?
MusicBrainz - How to add artwork/album covers to MusicBrainz
MusicBrainz - How to add band members to a MusicBrainz group/band
MusicBrainz - How to add genres and tags to MusicBrainz
MusicBrainz - How to add an album/release to MusicBrainz
MusicBrainz - How to quickly add track times to MusicBrainz
MusicBrainz - How to add a cover relationship in MusicBrainz
MusicBrainz/Picard - How to add a DiscID to MusicBrainz
MusicBrainz/Picard - What are AcoustID’s and how to submit them
Picard - What is MusicBrainz Picard?
Picard - How to add artwork/cover art to my music files

On the to do list:
Picard - how to organise folders and files
Picard - how to organise classical music
Picard - how to automatically organise a large collection
Picard - tagging for dummies
Picard - how to customize tags/scripting
Picard - how to customize folder structure/scripting
Picard - Picard messed up my music library, why?
MusicBrainz/Picard - How to submit a release to MusicBrainz using Picard
MusicBrainz - Series
MusicBrainz - Renaming artists (more detail needed?)
Whatever else comes to mind as I go
Maybe some ListenBrainz stuff
Writing and editing edit notes (reo request)
How to report a user (reo request)


I think a “What is MusicBrainz” video might be good to add as well, maybe also briefly going over all the entity types to show a bit of the scope of the project?

an introduction to Series might be in order too, as those can be a bit complex and/or underutilized


How do I properly handle renaming artists/artist name changes(especially without messing everything up)? Or adding new artists who have gone through name changes. Rebranding is quite common in KPop so it something that would be very helpful to know.

An example would be

originally debuted as Gate9 on October 26, 2017 … On January 31, 2019, NOS Entertainment (now known as GF Entertainment) made a Makestar project titled “GeeGu Comeback Support Project”, officially confirming that the group rebranded and member Kady’s departure from the group.

In case you need an artist to use to make the video with, there you go :smiley:

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I had a bit of a kerfuffle accessing the MeB YouTube account, but I finally managed to upload a lot of step-by-step videos to the MeB channel.

I’ll take a little break from recording, but if anything pops into your head in the meantime, no matter how small, that would suit a video demonstration, share it here and I’ll put it on the list!


Maybe a video on creating an issue on JIRA and examples of what falls under each of the project tag thingies? I’m still nervous about using it myself and find it easiest to understand when seeing it done.


Updated the OP with links to the existing videos :slight_smile:

Done! - How to report a bug or request a new feature in MetaBrainz
It doesn’t really cover what falls under what project tag I realise, I was trying to keep it shortish, but hopefully it’s still helpful (I can always update videos if you have feedback)

These videos are quite mechanical (where possible), rather than about style guidelines etc - for instance if I made a video about this I would walk through opening the ‘edit’ screen, how to change the name, and then what the ‘rename artist credits’ button does. I feel you may be more interested in the do’s and don’ts of the style guide? Let me know if a ‘mechanical’ video would be helpful or not.

Series are something I’m not super familiar with (in as much as that I use them for my own editing/collection purposes, and have never delved deeper) - if you want to PM me a runsheet of what to cover I would be happy to do one on them though!


Thank you!

I got the mechanics at this point, but maybe helpful for other new users? I have seen the rename artist credit option being used when not appropriate.

I appreciate the hard work on these videos! I learn much better seeing things done compared to reading explanations of how to do it.

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You do say “MusicBrainz and MusicBrainz Picard”… but any chance of some videos showing the basics of BookBrainz? :smiley: Summit stream making me think about adding some books I own that seem to be missing.


Made a new one, because it’s been a while, and it’s one I could do fast:
MusicBrainz - How to add a cover relationship in MusicBrainz

Still keen to do the others when I find the time to do a more complex one. Where is all that flippin’ time hiding :grimacing: