Video Tracks + AcousticID Fingerprints

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Just curious - I think I probably know the answer already - is it possible to associate a fingerprint with a recording marked as type Video?

The way I would achieve this is, put the video into something like VLC Media player and convert it to MP3 and then fingerprint it from there - I know this may not be overly useful or staright-forward for most users, but I think it could be useful in helping to possibly identify identical video entries?

If not then that’s fine I’ll just put in annotations instead.


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Sure. It’s of course not possible to distinguish a video recording from the pure audio version with identical audio that way, but otherwise you can absolutely have the AcoustID for the video.

If the video is in a format supported by Picard you can use Picard for that. Or convert the audio to a supported format as you suggested.


OK cool I thought it might not be possible as the system see’s the recording as video and AcoustID’s is a technology for audio not video.

Picard will create and submit AccoustID for supported formats, no need to convert in VLC first.


Thanks - i didn’t realise this at the time of writing my first post - thought it only supported audio formats :smiley:

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