Video-specific ARs - go or no?

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I was tweaking this old STYLE ticket I made 4 years ago and it got me thinking: should we have a separate set of advanced relationship types for video relationships? I know most can be applied to audio-only as well as audiovisual recordings and releases, but it might be helpful if we had some way to distinguish the two since often there are separate sets of credits for video and audio content on a single release.
The primary reason I made this ticket is to ask how to handle this situation, more specifically the following:
Should there be two sets of relationship types, one audio and one video?
How should the difference be handled?
If we have one relationship type for both audio and video, how should the division be represented? Attribution check box?
Any other suggestions or comments are welcome.

I personally feel that any video-specific relationships should be reserved for VideoBrainz. (I realise that this is hypocritical of me as I’ve already successfully advocated for and gotten an AR approved that is only applicable to videos…)