Video releases with multiple audio mixes

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Some video releases (e.g. DVDs) have multiple audio mixes available, usually stereo and 5.1 surround, on one disc. I’m not aware that it’s ever been discussed how to handle releases like this, as the video content is constant but the audio is not. Should there be separate recordings for the stereo and 5.1 mixes, like there are for DVD-Audio releases?

I’d imagine so - after all, we care a bit more about the audio side still, I’d say :slight_smile:

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If we have two sets of recordings, how should we go about presenting them? Should we use 2 mediums, like on a hybrid SACD or DualDisc? Should we just stack them in one medium, like on DVD-Audio discs?

They should all be listed on one medium like a DVD-Audio. I personally am not a fan of splitting videos with multiple audio tracks into separate recordings as there are cases where there are combinatorial explosions (multiple video angles + multiple audio tracks). Since videos can be ripped in to video files with multiple audio tracks the multiple listings aren’t nexecessary for tagging.


To me the logical solution - though not (yet) supported by MBS - would be to have each video be one track, but linked to two recordings.

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Agreed. The video and audio are muxed into one data stream so it would make sense to some how encapsulate that as one track but with (potentially multiple) video and multiple audio “recordings”.

Careful as you step into this rabbit hole - there are a number of areas that may need covering.

Not just stereo and 5.1 surround mixes, but you have different language options too.

And then there are the possible commentary tracks.

As this is a DVD\Blu-Ray it is very likely that not every track on the disk has multiple audio mixes. The “main event” tracks will have the multiple audio, but any “extras” are likely to be just a single stereo option.

So each track on a disk may have a different number of audio options even on that one disk.

And then we have the fun of the boxset where there are CDs, DVDs and BluRays all in the same package. I am thinking about some of the Dave Gilmour and Roger Waters boxes I have on my shelf which are like this.