Verifiability of one song

I know an artist exists. I know they have real credits. BUT…

I was on IMDb. John Smith has a song, that appeared on an episode of a tv show
written by John Smith
Performed by John Smith

But I find it no where else on the internet.
I do, however, have a song by the same title, which was written and recorded by Little Jimmy.

John Smith and Little Jimmy grew up together, even played in a local band together. But Little Jimmy moved and went on to become a solo artist. John Smith often co-wrote and recorded on Little Jimmy’s solo albums.

Do I add the song to John Smith’s MB page?

I’d add a new Work by John Smith, annotate it to say that it might be the same, or a related, Work as the homonyned Work by Little Jimmy.
And I’d add an annotation to Little Jimmy’s Work saying that it may be the same or a Work related to John Smith’s Work…

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Here is a parallel example of two artists who I’m pretty sure are the same person.
But not sure enough.

Sam Mabhaso Williams (1928-2007) a South African composer, stage and television actor, director, singer and dancer.

I won’t tell you how many hours of internet searching have failed to find a solid link.

(I just realised that the easy next step is for me is to contact Abdullah Ibrahim and ask about these two artists.
A similar path might be open to you around Smith and Jimmy.)

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On a somewhat offtopic but related note: Wow, I didn’t know I can use the annotation field for that. Has happened to me when I added releases sometimes that I got stuck at the part where I’m confused how to add an artist properly after finding little evidence to prevent possibly adding a duplicate artist on MusicBrainz(which made me not wanting to add the release cause I knew I’d spend many more hours for researching and I knew I didn’t have the time to do that). Glad that hours of lost time searching and researching on the internet to tell if a MusicBrainz artist page is related to the artist I’m trying to add is not gonna be lost anymore. I can document my research on the annotation part of the artist page, then somebody who’s interested in finding out more can see my research and then just pick it up from there and continue the work! That way your time researching an artist will not have gone in vain! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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