Various artists or not?

I’m trying to add this release to the database:

I have sourced all but three of the tracks to these two releases:

They have different artist names, but really it’s the same group of people doing both and the “artist” name is just the album title because they didn’t give an artist name. Some sites credit “down home praise” to the artist “ever call ready”, but that’s not substantiated by the covers (actually, even calling “Ever Call Ready” the artist for the album of the same name seems to have been adopted at a later date; the original album cover gives the individual artist names).

So enter this later compilation, which doesn’t mention either of the prior releases or give any album artist at all. It just gives lead singer credits, but only for some tracks. It doesn’t feel like a Various Artists album because it’s NOT various artists. Except for the three tracks I haven’t identified it’s all a specific group of artists. They just never bothered to give a real name to that group.

… so what’s my album artist and how do I do track credits for the compilation?

First, although most of the artists are identified, one cannot assert it is exactly the same group of artists. Second, the release is presented like a compilation of songs (not of preexisting recordings). Hence, I feel like Various Artists would still fit this release.
Even if all artists were identified, maybe they could be credited for the release group, but I would still credit Various Artists for the release to stick close to the front cover.

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So what would you put for track artists on the tracks with no artist?

I would probably go for [unknown] by following

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I still hate to put unknown when it’s not really unknown. I should be able to get my hands on that CD tomorrow; if we’re lucky maybe there’s something in the liner…


Nope, the only extra info in the liner notes is writing credits. It doesn’t even list the performers. Nothing on the spine, either. Boo.

Edit: now that I’ve entered the compilation, it sure looks like the uncredited tracks are that way because the company didn’t know, either. All of the ones from the release that has thorough credits in Discogs are credited to the lead vocalist on the compilation. It’s only the instrumental track and the five from “Down Home Praise” which are not credited. I entered the release credits on Down Home Praise, but of course those don’t carry over on the recording.