Various Artists or not? (again...)

Is there a cut off for number of album artists before you call something various artists? This release doesn’t really seem like Various Artists to me:

I would use the cover art as a guide. If all the artists are on the cover with equal billing, I would list them, all, if their names do not appear, it is probably better as a VA release.


Makes sense. Although there seem to be conflicting versions of the cover art. I’ll get my hands on the version I have soon, and compare to what’s already in MusicBrainz…

FYI: Different cover art, to MusicBrainz at least, means different releases (in the same release group). So if different versions credit different people on the cover, that’s OK—those should be entered as two different releases in MusicBrainz. And of course each release will then have different artists credited.


Punk and metal releases often have ‘splits’ featuring a lot of credited artists, so this doesn’t seem that weird to me.
Based on the cover I’ve seen I personally wouldn’t enter it as VA.