Variations in album title in master release

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Shouldn’t these be titled all the same?

Wanted to make sure before I go and make changes.

They should display the title as it appears on their respetive cover.
So it would require to verify the cover for each release before making the change.

For instance this casette version title is debatable as it shows two times the band name:

Should we consider the full cover or the incrusted one?

Releases follow what’s on the release, it doesn’t have to be the same as the release group name.


If the images currently attached are legit, then I believe you are correct. They should all be named “Eagles Greatest Hits Volume 2” as shown on all of the covers. That also seems to be confirmed on the Wikipedia page describing the album.

The Cassette seems to be the only time the band separately add the band name. I would use this as confirmation that the band’s intention is to have their name as part of the album title. A quick look at Discogs also shows that same consistent naming in full.

Some releases do have major variations on covers, whereas this one seems very consistent.


That cassette cover is perfect. I read that as “We are the Eagles, the album is ‘Eagles Greatest Hits Volume 2’, and here is the photo of the original cover of the LP, on that LP you see the title is ‘Eagles Greatest Hits Volume 2

I wish other bands with Greatest Hits collections made it this simple. :grin:

Edited to add: Not the first time the names have been corrected either. Previous edit note also quoting multiple sources pointing out the full correct name.