Variable for detecting saving from the Left or Right side?

Can I tell if a track is being saved from the Cluster (Left) or Album (Right) side?

Picard knows where the tracks are loaded, can I detect that at the script level for acting on saving?

Saved from the Album / Right Side:
/Volume/Directory/Artist/ .... /title.ext

Saved from the Cluster / Left Side:
/Volume/Directory/Artist - Indicator/ .... /title.ext

I could check musicbrainz_trackid as if would -have- to exist if it’s on the Right, but … it still could be there if I have chosen to ignore MBIDs at loading.

I could use a of Tagger Script with $set(_LeftSave,1), apply that manually as needed and then check for that with the Naming Script:

$if($eq(%_LeftSave%,1),$noop(Amend Pathname) - Indicator,)

… at the point in the pathname build where I would want to amend the pathname…

Along with another Tagger Script that will unset/delete %_LeftSave% if I want to remove it.

But that can get “messy” if I’m doing the Left <–> Right Shuffle (Timewarp… again…) and forget to $set/$unset …


Why not set a certain variable in a script? Since the script get run on loaded metadata it is not available for files on the left.

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