Varese and the "bootlegs"

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So working through these"feat.+Conductor"+&type=release&limit=100&method=advanced to move the artist/conductor to a more appropriate spot.

The problem is the one track listings are listed as “bootlegs” so hard to verify etc. What I would like to know is should I just shift them to recordings, or also to release artist. Or, indeed, some other thing.

Open to your thoughts.

I gave up on Varese because of these - I just couldn’t find anything useful, yet I suspect they all existed because the (now deleted) editor usually added stuff properly. I’m honestly still tempted to remove them unless there’s better info to be found though.



Varese sure seems like a bootleg-kind-of-guy
There is a Zappa connection.

And the para-bootleginess grows.

Am trying to register at forum to ask there.

And also the UX/UI genius Justin Lacko has been now been emailed and asked for suggestions on the basis of his contribution around Varese on UBU.

As has Gillian Moore of the Southbank Centre on the basis of her article

It would appear that I find implied threats to delete a far better motivator than the mere absence of metadata.

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Haha - Google search isn’t always out to obfuscate and tritenize!
1994/12/19 concert ‘Théatre du Châtelet’, Paris, France / dir. David Robertson

the program
    Integrales (Varese)
    The Perfect Stranger (Zappa)
    G Spot Tornado (Zappa)
    Transit pour Percussions solo & Ensemble (Herve)
the concert got broadcast on fm radio, during the program "Tapage Nocturne" on 1995/03/02

Which fits in exactly with Justin Lako’s reply: “… my best guess would be that someone added a bunch of recordings made from radio broadcasts …”

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Found this from 2008 - but the torrent no longer exists.
Though some faithful Zappateer may still have the metadata.
And I’m asking there now.
“Post 2008-12-23 01:30 [Quote]
Just found this:
This 14-hour archive contains 60 recordings (all radio broadcasts) of Edgar Varèse’s music.
Happy holidays

But it gets better - and perhaps current?:
"Concert de l’Ensemble Intercontemporain
Direction David Robertson
1994 12 19
Théatre du Châtelet
Paris, France
FM Broadcast - Tapage Nocturne 1995-03-02

  1. Integrales - 9:18
  2. Annoucement - 0:10
  3. Interwiew Zappa - 4:54
  4. The Perfect Stranger - 12:58
  5. G Spot Tornado - 3:41
  6. Announcement - 0:09
  7. A Herve presentation - 0:40
  8. Transit pour percussions solo et ensemble - 21:49
  9. Announcement - 0:13

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Hi mmirG, I still (ahhhhh!) don’t have internet on my desktop so I can’t do a search, but you may be interested in this anyway, if you don’t know of it already.

SoulSeek ( is often a great way to find specific and hard to find files on other peoples computers, and it may be worth checking for some of those torrent files (and if found, that user may have more related files worth checking, by browsing their file structure).

Have fun :slight_smile:

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