Using tracks / track (number of tracks in the medium on release) to narrow down a recording search

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I am trying to find the specific release data (i.e. composers, etc.) for a particular track (currently playing on spotify) via the API. This generally works, but for more popular releases, especially from older artists, I end up getting compilations or live recordings. From spotify I am able to get 1) track names, 2) artist names and 3) total album track number of the currently playing album.

In an effort to narrow down my search, I have included the total track number on the medium (i.e.: album), but this doesn’t seem to work. Can anybody shed some light on what I might be doing wrong? In the example below, I am trying to get the info from the David Bowies “Heroes” album (10 tracks total):

I am hoping to get the specific track data for one of the official Heroes releases:

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UPDATE: I’e decided to do some own filtering of results and working with release groups instead. I first grab the release group:“Heroes”%20+AND+arid:5441c29d-3602-4898-b1a1-b77fa23b8e50+AND+primarytype:album+AND+status:official&fmt=json
(once again, the official status search query doesn’t work)

After this, I manually filter the rg’s to only include official work and then grab the releaseID of the first result, which seems to gives reliable results, even for things that have been re-released many times

var filtered = releaseGroups.filter(a => a.status == "Official");
      var releaseID = filtered[0].id