Using subwork order in a release to order them in the work

I don’t know where to properly ask for this, but since this topic is about classical, I will post it here: Usually, classical works are spread over several tracks. When adding the new work, it saves a lot of work to just batch-add them as new works (providing the titles are appropriate). However, usually ordering inside a main work is not taken care of. So what I’m looking for is a way to use the ordering of subworks in a release to order them in the work. Does anyone of you has an idea how this could be possible and/or has the technical capacity to do this?

I’m moving this to be its own post.

This is trivial if the track names have movement numbers or whatnot, since then when you ask for the work to be ordered it will mostly be ordered right (except that IX sorts before V).

Otherwise though, it’s hard, and I kinda wish there was a way to do this as well. @loujin, is this something you have ever considered as a script? Is it even doable as one?

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That is because in this case the order corresponds to the alphabetical sort order. What I’m looking for is a way to use the ordering of works in a release to order them in a parent work.

The works for B1 are a “custom” Carmen Suite, which takes pieces from the 2 suites, in it’s own order.

I added the different works, giving them an order, as can be seen when you edit the relationships: Log in - MusicBrainz

But this order is ignored in the actual data shown. They show the order as in the individual works (Suite 1 & 2) and/or alphabetically.

When the works are added in a specific order with the checkbox “These relationships have a specific ordering” checked, aren’t they supposed to be displayed in that order?

This seems to be this existing ticket:

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