Using Picard to strip out or overwrite cover art

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I have some files imported into Music on my Mac (the successor to iTunes’ music functions in macOS Catalina) that have sub-optimal cover art. For years I dealt with this by going into the “Get info” screen in the app, manually adding the cover art I wanted and removing the old image. It’s still possible to add images to one’s files this way, but it appears that it’s no longer possible to delete them from this panel. I only discovered this after I added new cover art for one album; now there’s the cover I added and the old image that was embedded earlier. Is it possible to use Picard to remove or overwrite images (i.e. replace all the cover art in one fell swoop) in cases like these? I’ve learned from reading other threads (such as this one) that it’s possible to overwrite a single image, but not 2 or more at once.

you can still delete the album art in get info by using the delete bouton under F13 i just did it

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It took me a minute to figure out what you were saying (basically "highlight the image and hit the “delete” key, which my brain still thinks is named “backspace” since I grew up on Windows) but it worked! Thanks!
Previously you could right-click an image and select “Delete,” but that function appears to have been removed.

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