Using picard to rename files based upon existing tags... in absent of Musicbrainz entry

This is a silly question.

I have a classical CD which doesn’t have an entry in Musicbrainz database. However, it has sufficiently enough existing tags which I can renaming files without issue.

I made a mistake by trying to “save” without picard identified the music. now, entire folder is filled with 1.mp3 2.mp3 3(1).mp3 etc.

I have painstakingly defined my naming rules, I would like to use picard to run the naming script despite there are no match in the database.

Can even this be done? or I have to try to use beet or some other tools?


I would add this to musicbrainz using the tags as a starting point.

Install and enable the “Add Cluster As Release” plugin.
Add the files to picard
click cluster
right click on the cluster
plugins > add cluster as release.

This should open up musicbrainz add release page seeded with your tags.

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If the tags are present you can do this by just saving inside Picard without matching to a release.