Using non-standard unicode characters in a script?

Tags: #<Tag:0x00007f2a64ce8340>

I would like to use a Picard tagging script that makes use of (outputs) a middle dot.
It looks like this: · and is used as a word separator.
(unicode U+00B7)

If I try to enter a script containing it, Picard will prevent it protesting something like “computer says no”.

Is there a valid reason why this is not possible?
If so, is there perhaps a way to circumvent a limitation like this?

Did you try escaping it with a \ ?



A silly test:

this works:

this doesn’t:

That’s weird: it works for me without escaping. $set(testtag,·%artist%) writes the expected tag.

If the script is $set(testtag,%album%,%artist%), Picard will complain that there is an argument too many, so you’d have to combine %album% and %artist% first before using $set().


You nailed it, in my original script I had replaced an escaped comma with this middle dot, but I should have replaced both the escape and the comma.

Thanks @mfmeulenbelt!