Using MusicBrabinz mirror in a virtualBox

I’m quite used to web services (i’m the author of musicbrainzJavaWs2 client) but I have new requirements that I could not answer using WS over production server with rate limits, not sure Is viable with a mirror installation but I would like to try, last resort is a direct db query, but I’ll like to avoid that route.

I’ve downloaded and installed the last (7/9/2017) VM image and rebuilded indexex, but I’m not able to connect to the search server at localhost/8080, while server is running and accessible at localhost:5000. Same for db: I could not access it from the host, but I’ve solved to connect from inside the VM, thanks to help on other thd.

Is search server supposed to run immedeiatly after installation or I miss some step? How could I access the db form the host machine?

Thank for help.


Found that also replication does not work anymore:

this is replication.log:

Tue Jan 9 21:00:02 UTC 2018 : LoadReplicationChanges failed (rc=25) - see /musicbrainz-server/slave.log

but I could not find /musicbrainz-server/slave.log