Using MBP and AudioRanger together?

Hello All,

I have a rather large collection I’m trying to tame.

Just curious if anybody has tried using both these programs together to organize large collections.

Obviously both programs have unique features. Just curious if anyone has tried using both of them together successfully?

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Whichever you use, backup your collection before you start. That allows you to learn the systems better, and reverse any errors that can occur.

You will find a clash trying to use two different tools. Picard is built around the MusicBrainz database so can be much fussier at selecting an exact version of a release. You will need to do some manual checking and it can be a lot to learn on first few uses, but we are here to help.

AudioRanger seems to be more about getting “something” tagged and not worrying about an exact fussy match. It always makes me nervous when I see a music tool trying to remove duplicate tracks.

Probably better to run them side by side and pick one as there is a clear overlap on tasks.

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I like the feature that AudioRanger has that automarks dupes then weeds them out into a seperate folder so that you can delete them easily later. I have lots of dupes.

What’s missing on AudioRanger though is MBP’s scan feature that actually verifies the actual music track audio to the song/artist.

So, I’ve been trying to scan first using MBP verifying the audio track then weed out the dupes. Make sense?

THough, none of the programs has a bulk feature that I need for renaming in large quanities.

My question would be: Do you care about precise albums and metadata? Or are you just trying to get the song name and artist, the source/album doesn’t really matter?

If it’s the second, Picard is probably more precise than what you need. Though I guess you could just run scan on a whole collection, which will be very fuzzy.

If you’re just using AudioRanger for dupe checking, a simple hack is to use Picard and search your folder for (1) afterwards (depending on your settings, if you’re saving the same song into different folders this wont work)


Where are the source files from? If you have ripped your own CDs, then Picard is easier to work with. Easier to check

If this is a heap of tracks from various random torrents, then you will need to to a fair bit of double checking. Yes, Picard’s Scan is excellent - but not perfection. Maybe 95% hit rate. So 1 in 20 may be out. The rougher your tags, the lower quality the audio, the more misses you’ll get.

Go into OPTIONS \ METADATA \ PREFERRED RELEASES and mess with the sliders. If you have a heap of files and just want names an images, then you are less interested in Compilations. So push Compilations to the left, and push Album\Single\EP to the right.

AcoustIDs will be matching tracks on all kinds of sources, and this includes compilations. Kick these sliders around to twist the priorities of the match. Otherwise you may keep getting artwork from NOW collections.

If you have good CD rips, then you’ll get whole album matches. “Lookup” will work better for you if you have good tags.

If you have junk tags and just want to ID things, then SCAN will “listen” to the track and make a “best guess” match.

Also in Picard, go look at the OPTIONS \ PLUGINS and find “The AudioDB cover art” and “ cover art” to get a wider selection of artwork if image is more important than accuracy.

So what do you have? And what is your aim? the point is Picard is a main bladed Swiss Army knife that has the tool for what you need, if you sped time working out how to tune it.