Using fingerprinting for unknown track artist?

I recently submitted a holiday compilation which does not include artist information on the CD or materials in the jewel case. Some of the songs have matches on AcoustID and/or ACRCloud. Are either of these sources generally considered reliable enough to use for track artist information without additional corroboration, or is it recommended to leave them as [unknown]?

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If you can verify the artist by comparing it (by ear) to a known recording with the same acoustid, then I would go ahead and set it. I wouldn’t do it based on the acoustid alone.


Make sure (ear check) whether it is a cover album of famous songs by session performers or an original recording compilation before assigning artists.


As an example, I had a case yesterday where I added a (cover) recording by a Danish artist which wasn’t in MusicBrainz already. Due to not having been known by MB beforehand, someone had assigned the Recording’s AcoustID to the “original” track instead.

AcoustIDs are only as accurate as the people who submit them, and it is very easy to submit AcoustIDs wrongly if you’re not careful about how you tag your files. (E.g., if you don’t care to tag your exact release or if you tag recordings from compilations to their original album etc.)

This all adds up to… the advice given by @psychoadept and @jesus2099 :slight_smile: