Using Data from a "Lookup in Browser" operation

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I am relatively new to using MusicBrainz. Picard. I had successfully identified a number of tracks from ‘mixed’ albums using the “Scan” function. I can then save in the right hand window and drag over to the left to update the source.
I have one track which won’t scan. I have managed to identify it using the “Lookup in Browser” function. At this point I can identify the album and the track but can’t find anyway to transfer that information back to the application so I can save it to the source.
Any guidance gratefully received.

It should be possible to drag ‘n’ drop any link containing a MBID onto Picard.
Picard will then load the data.

BTW, do you not see this button after using “lookup in browser”?
MB tagger button

Thank you.

Yes I did see the “Tagger” and it successfully populates the right hand window but I still can’t drag it to the left. As I drag it, I get a little “right arrow” icon but when I release it, it doesn’t “land”.

You are not supposed to drag it to the left :smiley: On the right panel you see the data loaded from MusicBrainz. Your goal, if you will, is moving the files you have loaded on the left to the proper data on the right.

In case of manually loaded data you usually would also manually drag the files from the left to the right.


OK that’s not what I’ve been doing, I selected the track on the right, saved it and copied to the left and it appeared in the source directory.

If that’s the case, how do you save the info in the right window ? If you right click on it, the “save” option is grayed out.

Can I add a screen image to this post as I can’t find a way to show what I see.

Thanks, Graham.

The stuff in the right pane are the tags that are coming from MusicBrainz. The stuff in the left and center panes are the files on your hard drive. You drag the files from left to right to match them up, then select them on the right and hit save.

To post a screenshot, use the snipping tool, then copy and paste it into your post.

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Thank you very much, that worked a treat.
I’d been dragging from right to left after using the ‘Scan’ option, which worked for all the tracks except one, even though it was the wrong way round.

It “works” only in the sense that you can save the files. But this actually is mostly the same as if you would have never used Scan at all. You save the files with exactly the metadata they already had, not using updated metadata from MusicBrainz.

As a side note: Usually use Lookup before trying Scan, and Scan only if Lookup does not give you proper results. If you are dealing with mostly complete albums also use Cluster before doing Lookup.