Using a series as basis for a VA album in Picard

Hi all,

silly question: can I use a MB series as the basis for a Various Artists album in Picard? For example, I have all of the 500 songs that comprise Rolling Stones 500 songs and want to tag them as part of an album.
I don’t have the complete albums that the individual songs come from, so I don’t want 500 (or so) albums in my library with one song in them.



You can’t right now. But IMHO that would be actually a pretty nice feature to have.

Given we have plenty of other things to do for Picard there can’t be any promises. But could you add this as a ticket to ? Than at least anyone interested in this could start implementing it.




Coming from a different corner of the music sphere (old-school internet indie artists releasing a lot of video game arrangements loose on their own websites), I can echo that this would be an extremely useful feature to have. As of right now, I often end up using a Recording Series to group a bunch of standalones together, and end up adding it to my library through Picard under a big [non-album tracks] blob, in place of a proper Release or Album title. This is a good example of a case where I did exactly that recently.

So, yeah, definitely echoing the request to be able to use Series entities as a surrogate grouping type in Picard in lieu of a proper Release, but I have no idea how this would work, as a technical specification, when the individual recordings you’re adding aren’t standalone, but do already belong to proper Releases.