Userscript suggestion: button to auto-fill join phrases

Just throwing this out there cough script angels cough, how great would a little button to auto-fill a couple of join phrases be?



I would worry that this would induce people to pick the “lazy” option of clicking “ft” when there really is another phrase on the release.


I think that’d be nice, except on a per-field basis somehow. for example, sometimes you’ll have “Artist A & Artist B feat. Artist C”, and other times it’d be “Artist A feat. Artist B & Artist C”


Lazy people can go suck it, I just want this script for me!

Script writers, out of interest, how hard are they to write? Does something like this require proficiency with code or can something be hacked together by a muppet, over a weekend of sweat and tears.

For me at least, as it is in a dynamically generated popup, it’s not trivial. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I did this to place a “Guess punctuation” in the artist credit bubble and my solution was indeed a dirty hack which involves multiple click event listeners for all the buttons which could open the popup (plus two delays/timeouts because it didn’t always work :sweat_smile:):

I should probably try to rewrite this using a MutationObserver, then it would be cleaner and easier to reuse the code to insert buttons to autofill the join phrases, @aerozol.


Maybe if this was built into the MusicBrainz server codebase itself, but I would not have this worry at all for userscripts. If someone is advanced/experienced enough of an editor to use userscripts, I would expect that they know when to use them and when not to. (And I know this isn’t always the case, but I find it to be most of the time.)


For a MutationObserver version, you may refer to my userscript: