User scripts on mobile

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Confirmed working solutions



Unlike Firefox on Android, Firefox for iOS does not support browser add-ons.
It seems that Apple doesn’t want any alternative browser engines on iOS, so there will probably never be any extensions or anything in support for user scripts, there.

Windows Mobile

None yet.
I think Microsoft completely abandoned there mobile OS.

End of the wiki part, please do not edit my original post below. :wink:

Please post here if you know ways to use user scripts on mobile smart phones.
I am new to this kind of phones, I have always been using a simple but effective 40€ folding phone but now here I am in this smart phone new world (FWIW I have an orange :tangerine: coloured 100€ Microsoft RM-1075 Lumia 640 LTE Dual SIM X TURBO DASH).

I was first disappointed :disappointed: using a web browser without user scripts but then I read this news about upcoming OS version - via - that would allow Tampermonkey on Windows 10 Mobile!
But still not sure if I understood well.

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I got a smart phone recently too (not a TURBO DASH model though :sob:) !
Any tips in general on editing with a smart phone would be really great actually, I was on holiday and gave up after doing a couple of albums, and waited until I got home. I was also missing scripts but mainly a keyboard and quick copy and pasting - maybe there’s a good way though. Does anyone edit in a big way while mobile?

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I’d hate to do any serious work on a smartphone. Writing emails or text messages is as far as I go, apart from that it’s strictly a consumption device (oh, and I sometimes even call people with it).

So no, I don’t see why you’d want to punish yourself editing MusicBrainz on a smartphone or even a tablet. Holiday is a great excuse to kick the habit for a while anyway. :wink:


It seems that I misread the news about Tampermonkey. The author says no versions exist for Windows Mobile (it was earlier, but still).

I have found a Tampermonkey for Android.
I borrowed an Android phone and installed it as well as two of my scripts (ALL LINKS and COLLECTION HIGHLIGHTER).
But, well, it runs in a very minimalist browser, I don’t even know how to go back and all those simple things.
I could not manage to make my scripts run yet, either. Next time I get that phone, I will try again.

On Android, mobile Firefox may also be an option.

Things like seem dead, though.

I have found that Adguard thing, which supposedly has userscripts support, but not sure if userscripts support is part of its mobile versions or not:

Do you think that any of Android and/or iOS version(s) support(s) user scripts?

I also came across a browser named Dolphin and the Tampermonkey (again?) add‐on for it.

As it’s again something for Android, I cannot test right now.

Wow I’m impressed! :pushpin: PINNED SOLUTION!

I could test this with an Android device (model Samsung something) and wow.
Tampermonkey alone at first did not work for mb. COLLECTION HIGHLIGHTER so I thought it was helpless, until I tried mb. FUNKEY ILLUSTRATED RECORDS and wow those thmbnails all showed up before my eyes, I could not believe it!

So, as Tampermonkey’s browser is minimalist crap, I decided to test Dolphin+Tampermonkey as Dolphin looked like a full featured browser.

So I went on and installed mb. ALL LINKS, mb. COLLECTION HIGHLIGHTER and mb. FUNKEY ILLUSTRATED RECORDS, all that.

ALL LINKS worked out pretty well, as you can see, only Wikidata‐to‐Wikipedia doesn’t work (perhaps because of some cross‐domain restrictions that could be lifted up, but no time for further research), I don’t know why:

Know that the background tab is actually loading the collection (41%) in the background, the COLLECTION HIGHLIGHTER script is — like in Opera 12 — not paused when in background! :thumbsup:

Now here is the COLLECTION HIGHLIGHTER loading in foreground:

Here is FUNKEY CAA working on my collection first page:

And here are both FUNKEY CAA and COLLECTION HIGHLIGHTER (once loaded) working at the same time as ALL LINKS (but off screen):

I report this case as a working solution in my first post, which I have turned into a wiki if you want to reference other working solutions yourself, in the future.


[quote=“mfmeulenbelt, post:3, topic:134406”]
I’d hate to do any serious work on a smartphone. [/quote]

someone is wrong on the internet

Sometimes in holidays I do indeed need to edit when I receive some MB e-mails but my urgent need is to be able to browse artistes and release groups with COLLECTION HIGHLIGHTER on when I am in the record stores (new and used).

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I stumbled upon a way of running user scripts on every mobile: bookmarklets, of course!
But the script probably has to be adapted for also running in bookmarklet mode.
And the bookmarklet has to be reloaded on each page you want the script, each time.
So I wonder what script would be good to have in this way…

Thanks to @mmirG mentioning Firefox for Android is able to run all regular add ons, I have tested COLLECTION HIGHLIGHTER with Violentmonkey in Firefox for Android and it worked!
I should soon receive and use my wife’s old Android phone (I have Windows), I cannot wait to be able to test all scripts but most of all to be able to check my highlighted collection on the go, in CD stores!

It is the best :pushpin: PINNED SOLUTION so far!


If, like me now, are using Firefox for Android with user scripts and if, like me (because of COLLECTION HIGHLIGHTER), this feature is vital:

Quickly go to Google Play Store to DEACTIVATE FIREFOX AUTO-UPDATE! as version 68.11.0 is the last version that can install Violentmonkey or any other user script extension/add-on, at the moment.

Extension/add-on list for Firefox for Android version 79 does not include Violentmonkey, Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey nor Stylus.


New userscript Android browser available: Iceraven

It has been a long time since new Firefox for Android 79+ (Fenix) broke the add-ons.
I was staying in version 68.11.0 (Fennec?) for that purpose, hoping either Firefox would restore add-ons or Vivaldi would eventually support extensions.

Apparently, there are still only 13 allowed add-ons on Firefox for Android, and still no trace of monkeys (Grease/Violent/Tamper).

Hopefully, thanks to a post in Vivaldi extension support request topic, I heard about a Firefox fork with add-ons support: Iceraven Browser!

I was reluctant to install a somehow insecure for me unofficial browser, but it seems now to be the only good solution for Android, I went for it.

I uninstalled Firefox 68.11.0 and installed Iceraven, and it works great for the moment (I only tested COLLECTION HIGHLIGHTER).
As it’s a Firefox fork and as add-ons works great on FF 68, I think everything will be alright.

There is just a Cannot Complete Request small glitch when you install a userscript but don’t worry, the scripts are still installed.


I have had some hindering bugs with userscripts on Iceraven so I’m still staying with Firefox 68.11.0, at the moment.


I am now testing Kiwi browser!

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