Use recording artist details instead of track artist

Is there a way to retrieve and use the recording artist instead of the track artist (for TRACKARTIST, ARTISTS, and MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID) when tagging files?

For example, a recording may be credited to “X feat. Y” (includes all relevant/correct details), whereas the track artist is only credited to “X” (since that’s what was used on the specific release’s track list).

I found the Using “Recording” and/or “Work” data instead of release one thread, but there was no answer in there about this specific scenario.

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You can right click on a track and use the View script variables plugin to see what hidden variables are available.

There are some recording metadata in hidden variables, but unfortunately not recording artists.

If you can identify a Release which demonstrates this issue, I will take a quick look at the data and see what is possible.