Use Picard with a full CD RIP, 1 FLAC+CUE+LOGS

Yet another question of using all the tools to make submissions…

I have a release I tried to submit via Picard. This is an actual EAC RIP, complete with all logs, one FLAC file with a CUE and a full set of scans. I have noticed that Picard does not appear to work with a CUE file, and opening a FLAC file in Picard does not seen to do what is needed to make a submission.

To be clear, a submission is submitting a new release, I normally use the plugin to submit cluster as release.

Since I have the full set of log files, others on my prior questions have suggested tools by which I can provide it the TOC w/ sectors and it will in turn send the disc ID to MB, where I Can attach or create as new release. So, this is one option to do this. This leaves my submission without acoustids though, which I normally try to submit via Picard.

So my question is in 2 related parts… is there a one solution where I can accomplish this, submit the disc ID w/TOC, the recording list w/durations and the acoustids for the recordings? If not, is there a way I can use the combined tools to complete that task? IT appears I can do all above, except to get the acoustids to MB. I thought of Flacon as it works well with CUE, but unless I missed it there is no option for working with chromaprint. I have also tried the acoustid fingerprinter application GUI, but all it did is submit a fingerprint for the single FLAC file after I selected the directory. This is not good behaviour, as it is not since I wanted to see if I could use the CUE or just the FLAC. I do not think I will be using this GUI for anything, I can see a lot of bad submissions resulting from it.

I think your only option is to split the FLAC file first. On Linux and Mac you can use shnsplit (more info). On Windows, try CUETools. Then you can add the tracks to Picard as usual, scan and submit.

Thanks for the reply. Not what I was hoping for, but an answer none the less. I have a few tools to split FLAC on Ubuntu, but honestly I have never used shnsplit. Since you mentioned it, I will have a look and see how it fits in.

Without getting off topic, there are a few other issues I have in Picard. Is there any development that might add / incorporate feature(s) to handle things like this and other more advanced picky stuff like it?

Picard is actively developed. See

You should vote for this Ticket!

Sure, I will vote for it. It is a few years old though. I was more looking for something that would work or might work with a bit of work or configuration.

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Unfortunately, the only thing that works right now is to split the sound file. All we have is the ticket.

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Thanks for the suggestion again. When I used Windows, I used CUETools in my collection of tools, but I just had not yet used shntool. I had just used tools like Flacon for example, but with this, it is much easier to just add this into a script along with any other things I want done. I am sure you understand, so thanks again.