Use Folder name for Album name

Hi there,

So I have a folder of one Artist, within it is 100+ folders. Each of those folders is a live show/album.

I would like to be able to use the name of the folder and apply that as the name of the album for each track within each folder.

Here is an image of what I am talking about:

Is it possible with some automation, to get it so as that within each folder each of the tracks albums are called the folders name? instead of doing it manually for 100+ files, have some automation just copy the name of the folder into the album field?

Thank you SO much in advance, I have been searching all over the web for a solution.

Have a look at the Generating tags from file names tool in the Picard User Guide and see if that will allow you to do what you want.

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Hi there,

Thanks for this, I have done what it says in the instructions, it appears to save and I can see at the bottom on the status bar, the 6000+ tracks go through pending, as if the tag is being applied, but when I go an look at the folders, nothing has changed except in the occasional folder, 1 track out of 20+ has the album name, all others are blank!

Any ideas?

Can you please provide more information about what you’re doing (step-by-step) and what you’re hoping to accomplish, because I really don’t know what to suggest. For example, are you trying to set the values in tags or trying to rename your files and directories (or both). I’m also assuming that you’re not matching your files to releases from MusicBrainz (in the right hand pane) before saving. In other words, I assume that you’re saving the files from the clustering pane. If that’s the case, are you selecting them before saving? Thanks.

After you have done the “Tags from file names” does the album tag show up properly filled in Picard? If not then something was wrong with your pattern you used for tags from filenames.

If the album tag shows up then you should be able to save it. Make sure you have “Save tags to files” enabled (and probably you want to disable renaming and moving files if you want to keep your files in place).

If the album tag was visible in Picard and you save and you still think it was not saved please remove the file from Picard and load it fresh. Is the album tag visible inside Picard? If yes, it got saved.

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