Uploading squared images to CAA

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Huh? https://musicbrainz.org/search/edits?auto_edit_filter=&order=desc&negation=0&combinator=and&conditions.0.field=editor&conditions.0.operator=%3D&conditions.0.name=rdswift&conditions.0.args.0=1399353&conditions.2.field=type&conditions.2.operator=%3D&conditions.2.args=314&conditions.3.field=open_time&conditions.3.operator=>&conditions.3.args.0=2017-05-09&conditions.3.args.1= suggests otherwise… ?


Thanks @Freso. I must admit that I was somewhat annoyed when I saw @aerozol’s comment, especially when I’ve gone out of my way since the start of this discussion to upload the complete digipak scans (front, back, spine, inside and tray) in high resolution (600 dpi) lossless (PNG) files. What more do you need for archival purposes? Furthermore, I’ve placed these images at the front of the queue so they would be served up before any square cover images that I may have included.

My patience is starting to wear a bit thin on this whole discussion. If you don’t like the stuff I scan and upload, just let me know and I’ll stop. All I’ve been doing is trying to help contribute to the database and the end users. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth the grief.


I would appreciate if you continue this. Scans of this type is exactly what we need more. I haven’t contributed many scans myself, but when I did I took great care of scanning all booklet pages and cropping everything cleanly, so I know the amount of work involved. And I have a bunch of releases I want to do at some point.

I also don’t consider having square images in addition to the correct aspect ratio a big deals. As long as it adds value to the database I think we should have it. There are other odd things that can be added, like detail scans of stickers or photos, which often are no perfect quality but add value to the dataset by providing additional information.


I don’t see a non-square front image?
Maybe you mean front + spine + back?

Honestly, it’s just a discussion, nobody’s been downvoting or removing your additions, and I think it’s a bit patronizing for me to have to say again that I REALLY value your additions.

I’ve also tried to be very patient, off the bat you talked about me in bold and caps after I asked you to please stop doing something, and then implied I wasn’t being courteous?
I know discussing things on the internet is hard, because you lose out on all the social cues and context - but let me reassure you again that you need only feel good about your contributions and that nobody is saying you’re doing a bad job![quote=“aerozol, post:12, topic:265031”]
so don’t worry about it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


As I read your original comment, I understood that you suggested that they had not uploaded anything but front cover images that had been squared, while I saw plenty of non-front images that had been uploaded. I didn’t understand that you only talked about front images, and not all uploaded images. (But yes, I do consider front+spine+etc. valid non-square front images. You’re free to fetch those images and crop them so only the front-front part of is in the image and upload that to CAA yourself, if you want/need it.)