Upgrade from FTP?

Chrome removed FTP entirely a few months ago, and Firefox has deprecated it.

But all the links to download the binary use FTP.

Which links do you mean exactly? All the links on Downloads - AcousticBrainz had been changed to HTTP already shortly after that Chrome change.

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Weird, when I click them it sends me to an FTP link.
Edit: I’m guessing I messed something up while compiling my browser, causing it to parce the links incorrectly.

That’s quite odd indeed. Maybe it has to do with the ftp as the subdomain, but I don’t really see why a browser would rewrite this. Especially not to a protocol it considers obsolete :thinking:

The only Chrome I can test with right now is on my Android, but there the download links work.

I am guessing it must be something in Ungoogled Chromium then.

In my Ungoogled Chromium 91.0.4472.164 links work well, i do not see any ftp:// links on download page. Where exactly you found ftp links?

The links are structured as http://ftp:. I’m guessing I triggered some obscure configuration or flag that saw “ftp” and automatically tried to “fix” them.

Could it be an extension doing this?