Updating Old MB Server

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I’ve a vmdk MB server that I’ve not touched / updated since perhaps early 2016. I’m wondering if it’s best to download the newer ova and convert it to my needs or just go with the database.

I would recommend you download the newest ova and update it.

You can upgrade the software but it will need some work as you would need upgrade the schema a few times as well as a database version upgrade.
The Postgresql version needed is 9.6 so you would need to upgrade that at the same time as the last schema change.

Note that the software is now running inside a docker container and you need a key to replicate the database.

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Robert Kaye wrote on Ticket MBVM-33:

The VM is not intended to be upgradable, so I am not going to fix this, but instead focus on more frequent releases of the VM.

Would be great to see a newer official release with all the latest updates and fixes.