Update the Popular Reviews

Firstly, it’s a bit of a shame that @alastairp 's test review is showing up on the front page (d’oh), but also it feels like the same carousel of reviews show on this page.

My suggestion is to try and randomize the selection here, that way people can vote on reviews and we could look at higher engagement?


oops, that’s a shame. I thought I had already deleted this review but I guess not! It’s gone now, thanks for the reminder.

Good question about what to show for this section - at the moment it takes the 24 reviews with the most number of votes, over all time, and performs a bit of random sorting to choose some to show (in fact, when I viewed the page I wasn’t able to see my review, so it seems like the randomness does work a bit).

However, maybe we do need to re-think about how we show reviews in this section. At the very least, perhaps we should have some level of filtering to only show recent popular reviews? (or an option to show popular from all time, vs recent popular). I also have some ideas for this section anyway - I’d like to prioritise actual reviews rather than ratings. At the moment, a lot of ratings-only items are showing up on the page.

Any other suggestions for what we could do here to make this section more engaging would be welcome. Editors who tend to write well-upvoted reviews? editorially selected review of the week?


No worries - we all forget about these things sometimes ! :grin:

OK so hear me out, a lot of people are ultimately discouraged from writing reviews of any entity as they may feel they have to write a 4 paragraph essay, whereas I think encouraging reviews of any length (from one paragraph to multiple) is beneficial and gives variety.

For things to be more engaging, I think that reviews of items need to be more visible in the MBz UX (as they don’t appear for many entity types except release-group). I also think more x-integration with ListenBrainz might be useful too

Just my few pennies worth

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