Update "Quick Start"?

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I’m a new user, but the Quick Start does not look like the program I have.

There are a lot of different symbols to the left of names: Gold/silver disk, note, bar/tube, TV/monitor… What does it all mean?

Some of the Album Art, there’s 3-4 different. How can I tell it which to use? The “New Cover Art” is rubbish. “1+” is for invites, not “Art”

I’m running Ver. 1.4.2 if it matters

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A low-tech-skilled volunteer here.

That is a good question.
Getting Picard documentation suitable for new users seems to be taking some time.
A Glossary of icons, terms and error messages would be helpful.

Could you check at section
"Matching files & saving"
and see if your questions are answered.
If not then have a look at

and see if that helps.

If there are still unexplained icons then please come back to this thread and list them.

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