Update existing release using Picard?

Is there any way to update an existing release using Picard? For example, let’s say a release is missing all the track times. I have that release, and just want to update MBZ without having to manually type everything in. Is this possible?

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Look in the list of PLUGINS in OPTIONS.
Find “Copy Cluster to Clipboard

You’ll then need to get your release on the LEFT side of Picard (If already tagged, drag it back to the left and re-cluster it)
Now Right Click the Cluster, Plugins, Copy Cluster to Clipboard.

You are now armed with something the Track Parser understands on the Tracklist page.


Exactly as @IvanDobsky says!

It took me way too long to figure out how great the track parser is, so here’s a gif to illustrate its magic:
track times


Wow! Awesome! Thank you!

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