Submission of multi CD release

I have a release that is of 2 CDs. I have the RIP in a main folder, with a sub folder for each disc. When I load this to Picard, I am not seeing a way to have it populate this as 2 mediums, nor can I find a way to submit the cluster as a release without selecting one of the folders.

Am I missing the process here, or is this something not supported?

Edit: I am using - Version 2.7.3

Musicbrainz will likely have various releases for this particular album, possibly a CD version (which should have separate media for each CD) and a digital version (which will have the tracks numbered sequentially).

If you right click on the release node and select “Other versions” you can try to find an alternative version which is for a CD with the exact same track list.

I think I may have been misunderstood. I am loading my media into Picard to submit as a new release.

I have not submitted albums from Picard myself - only on the Musicbrainz web site.

But I would imagine that you need to set the DiskNumber and TrackNumber tags appropriately before you submit the release.

The cluster will be album title based - so only one cluster.

And the “submit cluster as Release” is messy and you need to do a bit of manual faffing around with “Copy cluster to clipboard” one CD at a time. (There is a ticket on streamlining this process)

Booo. Understood though. Thanks.

My trick to get round the issue is add one CD to Picard at a time.

  • Add CD1, Cluster, Add Cluster as Release. Don’t save new Release yet.
  • Back to Picard, delete the Cluster of CD1,
  • Now add CD2, Copy Cluster to Clipboard,
  • Now back to the web page, Add Medium, and paste the second CD in.

I have done this with a 24 CD box set more than once. :laughing: Still a massive time saver. Just need to be a little imaginative with the procedure.

Also note that the Picard GUI will display disc numbers. Don’t think this is on by default. Right Click the column headers to turn on.


That makes sense, thanks.

If your files have discnumber tags (or if you add discnumber tags in Picard,) you can use Picard’s “Add cluster as release” functionality for submission.


Oh, I did not even look at this. So if I have them, like 1/2 and 2/2, I can cluster both and submit?

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Yes, the discnumber and tracknumber tags should be set, that should work, but they need to end up in one cluster (needs matching album title, so no “disc X” as part of the title or such).

If Picard puts each disc in separate cluster you can:

  • Change the album title so it is identical across both disc’s files and cluster again
  • or drag second disc cluster on first disc cluster to manually combine them
  • or use “add cluster as release” with first disc, and copy the track list of second cluster’s “show details” and use the track parser in MB release editor to add the second disc

Does the folder the files are contained in matter? For me, I had the main folder with the cover art, with a subfolder for CD1 and CD2. Could this have been an issue, vs having all in same folder?

No, doesn’t matter. Clustering is done by album title.

Cool. I had forgotten that this was added and working now. Nice.

@thwaller, have you had a play with ‘copy cluster to clipboard’ + the ‘track parser’?

You can easily add multiple CD’s using this method as well. Have a look at the gif here and see if it’s helpful.

No. I have used separately though. That is neat, I like it. Thank you for sharing.