Unsure about an artist merge

Hello, while adding a release I saw the artist existed with only a name and a broken link so I added more info and links to that. But when I added his legal name as alias he also showed up as another artist with his legal name. So now there are 2 artists in musicbrainz of the same person, one with his artist name and one with his legal name.

He has releases with both the legal name and artist name. So im not really sure what to do now.

Which way would be prefered?
-Merging the artists into the older artist. (the artist name one, which didnt have any releases yet)
-Merging the artists into the newer artist. (all releases are currently in here)
-Seperating the releases between the 2 artists

You can go into “legal name” and select the relationship “performs as” and point to the stage name.


But that means moving lots of Emex items across to this other Emex.

OR just “Merge Artists” and merge towards the most used one. So merge Emex into George as that maintains more links

Personally I would just merge them as “George” already has both Emex and George items linked. This is the least disruptive option, and it is clear he has swapped back to using George as a name. This way his whole discography stays together.


I personally would leave them split and linked together with the relationship Ivan suggested. that way if the artist later starts another separate solo project, you won’t have to split these two. actually, it seems there is a 3rd alias “Mordex”, looking at their Discogs page.

the only case I’d typically merge a legal name and performance name is if they actually use them interchangeably.