Understanding replication & search indexing better


I’m running the Docker server (slave) and everything works fine. But I need some help understanding the replication and reindexing:

  1. Every change I make on the official site will be available for replication at the end/beginning of every hour?

  2. Is reindexing always necessary? e.g. Is reindexing what actually applies changes to the server and makes them available on the web service, for example? So replication is just a preparation for the indexing process later?

  3. Are AcoustIDs tied to Recordings? So to update newly added AcoustIDs it’s necessary to reindex the Recordings?

  4. To make urgent/recently added individual changes is it simply better to change Picard back to the official server?


  1. Yes, assuming that your changes do not need to be reviewed by others, and runs through the voting process.

  2. AFAIK yes. Replication get the newest/changed data. Indexing make it searchable for you.

  3. Sorry, I don’t know

  4. Yes, because in best case you can use your change immediately, not in 1 hour, not in 7 days

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Thank you very much :grin:

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