Uncomprehensible behaviour


Hi all. New to MusicBrainz but I think I will leave it right away. My albums are clustered (actually created with EAC from original cds) but MusicBrainz doesn’t cluster them into the original album. I mean, it scans them inside their own and properly named folders, but it doesn’t recognize each folder content as a cluster and as the relative album. It messes with color codes and icons while it should simply and right away create an album. How can it be if it is reputed as a very good software? Thanks


MusicBrainz doesn’t do what you said. I think you must have confused it with Picard.


If you haven’t taken time to figure out how Picard actually works, then yeah it’s gonna seem pretty incomprehensible.

Picard uses tags to identify files. EAC has the capability of adding tags from the MusicBrainz database (as well as other sources). Are you not giving your files at least some basic tags when ripped?

Scanning by acoustid is a backup that should at least identify track and artist, but since tracks could be on any number of albums, it won’t know which album unless you tell it. There are some settings to influence which album it picks, but no guarantees.


Take your time to learn Picard. And control it. One of the headaches of this place is the steep learning curve - but it is worth your time.

For example - if you are ripping with EAC then use the “CUEtools DB Metadata plugin” to get matches with the MusicBrainz and Discogs catalogues instead of some random junk from the free sources.

YOU need to press the CLUSTER button in Picard. And only give Picard one or two albums at a time to make life easier for yourself.

Avoid the AcoustID lookups unless you really don’t know what the files are. The plain Lookup or the Lookup CD will get better matches into the database. Too often AcoustID can match to compilations and confuse your choice.

Take time, ask questions. You’ll be glad you did. :slight_smile: