Uncertainty about guidelines for Recording with both Japanese and English title

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Do the guidelines really exist, if editors have to spend time on discussions like that?

Feel free to chip in, I find it quite entertaining (just as anything deeply rooted in speculation).

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I commented there. What guideline exactly do you mean supports this case? I don’t see any compelling reason not to use the Japanese title as the primary one.

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I did not say it is supported by a guideline, although it is just as not unsupported (I will not not be rich, yeah). Style / Recording advises to use “most common track title” for recording title. For that recording, the most common is none.

Now, I am not making a case to support my edit. I am using it as a remark on how ridiculously useless the above guideline is when tracklist uses two languages to the same degree.

The real issue is not the guidelines of course. It is the ill-conceived information model they are trying to alleviate.

So your point is that the style guides currently don’t cover the case of multiple case pretty well. I agree on this.

There is some info on how to handle this for track listings in https://musicbrainz.org/doc/Style/Release#Status , but not about how to handle this for recording titles.

But actually when guidelines are lacking we should have a discussion here and improve the guidelines. What I don’t get is why you instead choose to enter edits, where you say yourself there is no good argument to use one language over another, and rant about the guidelines. But what is your suggestion here? How would you handle this specific case and why and how should the guidelines reflect this decision?

On a side note: Actually I think recordings should not even have a single title but actually the title should just be what we currently call aliases, so multiple titles for different languages / scripts. This applies to many (maybe even all) other entities.


This seems a logical solution to me. The main title should always be in the original language of the creator of the recording. Aliases then handle translations. That fits the old “artist intent” rule best too.

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This is also an ideal use case for alternate track lists (for the release, not the recording of course)