Unable to see musicbrainz_search under docker containers

I am unable to see search server under docker or under localhost:8080 as the per the Installation under GitHub - metabrainz/musicbrainz-docker: Docker Compose project for the MusicBrainz Server with replication, search, and development setup I have followed all the steps , but I couldn’t able search.
Anything I’m missing during installation ??

above is docker containers created.

Hi, there should have been errors when you ran sudo docker-compose up -d first (?)

Thanks for the reply.
Initially there was storage issue and then i extended to 100GB.
Is there any command where I can execute MusicBrainz search server.

I finally executed search server which was present under docker images so ran but i still couldn’t able to search at localhost:8080 , where im missing and I have also changed config under DBDefs.pm file.

Updated docker containers.

You probably missed https://github.com/metabrainz/musicbrainz-docker#build-search-indexes:

In order to use the search functions of the web site/API you will need to build search indexes.

  • sudo docker-compose run --rm indexer /home/search/index.sh

I did that command it almost took 13hrs to complete. should I rerun again??

No, you should be able to make local searches through musicbrainz server now, from

I’m getting Could not retrieve sub-document page from search server Error

I’m getting below error

Search Error

The search server could not fulfill your request due to an internal error. This is usually only temporary, so please retry your search again later.

Below is the error information. If you wish to file a bug report, you may do so at our bug tracker. The information below will help, so please be sure to include it!

Can’t connect to localhost:80 (Connection refused)

Ok, to check basic functioning of musicbrainz service (except search), just visit http://localhost:5000/.

Please report any errors you might notice in logs.

Can you please provide these changes (except secrets such as private tokens)?

localhost:5000 is working well except search , any configuration need to add under DBDefs.pm??

No, that’s why I’m curious about what you changed and if it might be related to the search issue.

Please provide the full log line containing this error.

This container was supposed to be created and started using sudo docker-compose up -d. Your container is named codescending_hertz instead of musicbrainzdocker_search_1. It is likely it didn’t build correctly. Please try rebuilding it as follows:

sudo docker stop codescending_hertz;
sudo docker rm codescending_hertz;
sudo docker rmi musicbrainz_search;
sudo docker-compose build --no-cache --pull search

Note: It won’t remove the search indexes that took 13hrs to complete as it is stored in a volume.

P.S. Please provide full log/output for any command that didn’t complete correctly.

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After executing above command, image been created as shown in below figure.
I haven’t faced any error. Next what steps to be done??

  1. Assuming search indexes have been built correctly, run sudo docker-compose up -d
  2. To check search actually started, run sudo docker-compose ps
  3. To check search actually works, visit http://localhost/ws/2/artist?query=artist:queen
    (Please note that the port 8080 is not exposed directly to your host, it is exposed to other linked containers, thus it is not possible to check by visiting localhost:8080 directly from your host.)
  4. If that failed again, it should not, please read/show the output of sudo docker-compose -t logs musicbrainz search.
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Search has been started as its not present when i execute the command
sudo docker-compose ps
after executing
sudo docker-compose build --no-cache --pull search
only image has built
and http://localhost/ws/2/artist?query=artist:queen its working fine I am able to fetch
but if i search at http://localhost:5000 under search box im getting error below error Unable to see musicbrainz_search under docker containers

Ok, so XML WS/2 works fine, JSON WS/2 probably too, and your search indexes and containers are up.

It looks like a potential bug or configuration issue in MusicBrainz Server to me. Maybe more info can be found in the output of sudo docker-compose -t logs musicbrainz