Unable to retrieve user submited data from Acoustid when therer is also a link to an MB recording

Hi @lukz

Is it possible to return user submitted metadata when an acoustid is linked to a musicbrainz recordingid.


If you look at this page you can see that the acoustid is not linked to any MusicBrainz recordings


and the api works as expected


But if you look at this one that is linked to one MusicBrainz recording and some user submitted data


then when I use the api


It only returns the record linked to Musicbrainz (Chemical Brothers) rather than the user submitted data (Luniz) even though I have usermeta parameter included

If so this is a problem because occasionally the linked MusicBrainz recording is totally wrong, and the user submitted metadata is more accurate. Typically this occurs when the number of sources is very low so the user submitted data can be used to help decide if the MusicBrainz link is correct or not.

thanks Paul

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I support this wish and hope @lukz can help!