Unable to create wiki account (Spelling error in musicbrainz wiki "FreeDB" page)

I am unable to create an account to make this change myself, it keeps prompting me with a “NOTSPAM” popup before I’m able to create a wiki account.
therefore i wanted to notify anyone reading the wiki to:

confirm here, should say “conform”

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When you get this pop-up, type NOTSPAM as login and password then check REMEMBER before validating.

See: Search results for 'NOTSPAM' - MetaBrainz Community Discourse

I did fix the page now: FreeDB - MusicBrainz Wiki
Thanks @miacx.

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on firefox, i don’t have the option to “remember” it :frowning:

there’s no remember checkmark on chrome either.

edited the title to reflect the second issue

Didn’t you manage to create your wiki user now?