UI Symbols - New Install on CentOS7.5

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I just installed Picard from EPEL on CentOS 7.5, and when I launch the app it displays symbols instead of readable text. What could be causing this?

Is your language at your os level set to something strange?
Are you missing some fonts from your os?

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The language is set to English, and it is a standard CentOS installation so I assume it has the standard fonts. Are there certain fonts needed?

No, no special fonts required, but from the look of it I would still suspect something with you font setup being broken.

Can you test if other Qt based applications look ok? What version of Picard is this?

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I think your font configuration or cache is corrupt, can you try running the below to regenerate this cache.
sudo fc-cache -fv

Otherwise reinstall the font packages and make sure you have some of the more standard fonts installed.


Thanks. I installed the xorg-x11-fonts-Type1.noarch package and it appears normal now.