UI Bug - "has not listened to any songs so far"

I’m just having a mozy about LB seeing all the new shiny features and I have been informed of having a similar profile with @JVines (https://listenbrainz.org/user/JVines/) and found this disconnect on the page:

Apparently this user has never listened to anything, but they have recent listens (ok maybe not super recent) but this box should be the total listens, right?

Here is mine for example:


Thanks for the report. The issue here is that the api request to fetch the listen count takes a long time to execute for that user. If you stick around for some time, you’ll probably see it switch to show the correct count (unless it takes so long that request times out, fwiw it didn’t when i tried). I have lodged a ticket ([LB-1114] GET /listen-count is very slow for users who haven't submitted listens in a while - MetaBrainz JIRA) to improve this.