"Two Steps From Hell" label and credits

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Greetings, community.

I have spent quite a lot of time by editing a lot of production music here and there is one situation i cannot fully understand here, so may be you can help me.

Look here. Its an annotation by brianfreud2 which i cannot understand:

“Only the public releases should be listed under the artist Two Steps From Hell. All industry releases should be listed using composer-as-artist style. Note that many public releases share the same name, and many of the same tracks, as the industry releases, so the industry releases are listed in the same release groups as the public releases.”

Em, why its so? Is it some kind of MB rule/style or just personal initiative of the editor? Personally i dont understand why releases should go under “various artists” instead of “label as artist”. I suppose all those artists write their tracks “within label” working by contract, so all those releases arent a simple compilations from various sources where “various artist” could suit more.

Another thing i dont understand completely is what to set as “label” while adding a release.
Look here:

As i understand extrememusic is a publisher and rights holder and is also considered as label (in MB terms). For example if you are adding appropriate spotify releases via multiseeder tool, extrememusic automatically selected as label here. For example i have added some releases from “Earth Tones” and “Space Tones” groups:

But in many cases existing releases on MB have those “labels” listed on extrememusic (Two Steps from Hell, etc.) instead of actual “Extreme Music” as label. From my point of view all those “labels” (in terms of extrememusic) are just “album artists” in terms of MB. So potential structure of such releases when adding to MB should look like this:

Label: Extreme Music
Album Artist: “Two Steps from Hell”, “Space Tones”, “Earth Tones” and other listed here:
Track list, recordings and works would have individual composers listed in album descriptions on the label site or/and in PRO units (ASCAP, GEMA, etc.)

What do you think?

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Its a kind of re-up this thread, but recently i encountered an autoeditor (@Senax), who silently started to revert my changes i proposed in this post:

For now it seems just as two different personal opinions on the topic. But since even @reosarevok mentioned that he doesnt have a clear opinion about how it should be done, i am calling again to community to discuss it and create a style of how it should be done. My opinion is the same - for me its logical that labels (library names) could play a role of album artist in case of production music releases.

Just a few examples here:


Also its worth to mention that actual label (publisher) not always match the label name above.


  • If it’s a label/org that just compiles the releases/tracks: Various Artist
  • If it’s a label/org that employs and commissions people/employees to create these, and then releases them under the moniker/title of ‘APM Music’: Fine with using it as an artist (as the org is the ‘thing’/creative driver behind the music)

I would generally agree with this idea (it is the same reason why some videogame albums are correctly listed under, say, SEGA).

It seems that edits like this are related to this discussion:
Some explanation is needed, thanks.

It seems that edits like this are related to this discussion:

Its my edit too, the same logic - production music album under label.