Two different recordings sharing the same AcoustID

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I just notice two different recordings, Pussy Control (studio) and Pussy Control (live), share the same AcoustID.

So I listened to both tracks and I can confirm that they’re not the same, as this Audacity screenshot could also confirm:


You can see why AcoustID has ended up the same. The waveforms are very similar in shape whilst also being totally different. If AcoustID is only taking samples across the track the numbers will come up the same. I hope some of the Mass Merger Editors see this example


Did you scan both recordings yourself to find same ?

By the way these waveforms show that the band is using backing tracks on stage, otherwise you wouldn’t have such a perfect matching and steady tempo.


Very interesting. Thanks for that bit of knowledge. I love the way data can be analysed to show things like this.

Yep from flac files ^^


Interesting in those cases is always comparing the AcoustId fingerprints:

You can see how the fingerprints are very similar and only really differ at the very beginning. As the AcpustId server groups similar fingerprints into the same AcoustId you can easily see why this happened.

And yes, I’m pretty sure @jesus2099 is right about the use of backing tracks here :slight_smile: