Tutorial or instructions?

Is there a tutorial or maybe a list of the inputs and what they do? I’ve never programmed anything except arduino boards and can’t figure out how to tell the program to do stuff.

I have 5000 songs that are labeled in this order. Where it says (artist name) - (album name) - (song title)
I’d like to make the program rename the song by it’s song title and put the meta data in for artist and album name. Could anyone link me the instructions ?

You just need to write the file name pattern with the tags. So take the part I bolded there, and get the tag names from the example in the drop down box:

%artist% - %album% - %title%

Note you need to get the separators exactly right. In your case it’s " - " (space dash space).

Are these what you’re looking for?




There are also a bunch of video tutorials on YouTube, if you prefer that format (none official (yet) though):

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That’s what I was looking for thanks sir

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I’ll take a look thank you

Under tags from file names I used the drop down and edited it a bit to
%artist% - %album% - %title%
It seems to be doing what I need. Thanks for the help


You may want to use %albumartist% instead of %artist% if you want to keep albums together. Have a bit of a test with compilation albums. Also on albums with guest artists on them you may find the odd track split.